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The Bears are Running!

We've all heard the daily dismal news...the bears are rampaging down Wall Street and Main Street. You could hunker down, duck for cover or run the other way, but think about the following story. Two hikers in the woods came upon a resting bear and accidently woke it up. The bear immediately gave chase to the two hikers. After a few moments of running for their lives, one hiker turned to ther other and said "I don't think I can out run that bear, do you? The second hiker starts running even faster and turns for a moment to respond, I don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than you. >> Food for thought.

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Helio's practice areas are focused on helping clients successfully move through significant transitions in their business or operating environment. We provide project management and portfolio management experts to ensure your projects are on track and delivering maximum business benefits.

Looking to develop value-added services or growth? We work with clients to find new sources of top-line growth, using innovation as a primary lever.

All healthy organizations go through periods of change, but sometimes change brings about either planned or unplanned leadership gaps. Helio provides interim IT leadership to solve the management, technology and people problems that threaten to disrupt organizations during such times.

We unconditionally guarantee our work. Helio consultants all have hands-on, real world industry experience. When you work with Helio you get comprehensive, sustainable results that you can put to work.


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